Tuesday, November 25, 2008

take advantage you're worth it!

Wait, what?

that is the message so many people are getting these days.  Everyone thinks they are "worth it".  And i agree that you should always think you are worthy of the things life has to offer.  You should live free!  You should have a choice in how you iive!  but at what cost do we "bailout" people who mess up?

We've become a nation of "uhhh!! no fair! where's mine?!" The Veruca Salt syndrome as i call it.  Everyone thinks that they deserve it all.  Kids don't even try anymore because they know that if they complain to their parents, their parents will get upset and then they will take over for them and "bail" them out of trying.

I am always thinking to myself (as i look around at other parents) am i raising my daughter wrong and she's going to end up hating me for being so harsh!  But i've come to realize that kids are far out of control when it comes to getting their way.  You can't punish a child at school or the parents will sue and take good money away from the school.  And the parents won't punish the child at home, so where do these kids get punished?  (i'm not talking about spanking, we don't believe in that at our house)  They do not get punished.  And so they grew up and are growing up expecting to get their way in everything that they do.

Does the current "bailout" teach our children anything other than this; FAIL and someone will be there to BAIL you out?

I can proudly say that i am the only person in my family that did not file for bankruptcy.  We have debt and we are currently struggling to make sure we have everything under control in our budget... but WE are bailing ourself out.  We are not asking for a handout because we got ourselves into financial trouble over the past few years.  We do not expect anyone to pay our debt.  Sure it would be wonderful to have someone just hand me the money and take the easy way out; but what do i learn from that?  Nothing.

I am against all of the current bailout plans.  What would happen if the government did nothing?  The truth is - no one knows because they are planning to keep bailing out troubled business'.  It makes me angry and it makes me sad to think that there are hard working families out there going without because they can not even put food on the table.  And then 3 CEO's show up on their private jets costing $20,000 each!  There are people who would love to earn that as an income in an entire year!  and they spent 3 times that amount just getting from Detroit to D.C. 

Shame on you Government, Big Business, and on the society that we have become.  We should all know better and we all need a serious time out! :o)

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