Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lack of world knowledge...

a conversation at our house tonight:

Claire: Daddy, check out my new webkinz... it's an elephant... a velveteen elephant!
Michael: that's pretty cool.
Claire: guess what i named it? c'mon guess!
Michael: velve... ele... i don't know what?
Claire: think of a country where you'd find them...
Michael: Africa
Claire: Daddy, Africa isn't a country - it's a continent!
Michael: South Africa?
Claire: why would i name my elephant "South Africa"?
Michael: i don't know... what did you name it?
Claire: INDIA!
Michael: i would never guess India! why would you pick India for an elephant name?
Claire: Hello... it's like their car over there!

OK, perhaps more WORLD culture is needed in our schools?  My 9 year old child thinks that elephants are the major means of transportation in India and that they have very few cars on the road.  Thank you public school system.

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