Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in the eyes of an Obama Nation

When i was a child of 4 years old, Ronald Reagan came to the school down the street and met with the kids (my older sister being one of them). I remember hearing about the visit and how important it was to not only our town, but our tiny school. Even at the age of 4, the presidential happenings meant something important to me.  I do not remember it vividly but i do remember watching the Inauguration of Ronald Reagan.  I remember so many things coming onto the TV and into my life via this tiny box.  I often times hate the TV, i think it is a waste of time to sit and watch sports and "junk" shows.  I find it appalling that people use such a great innovation to watch such things as porn.  But in all the bad there is a lot of good to come across the TV screen in my life.  Some were sad, and some were important and moving.  But one thing is for certain, without the TV i would not have been able to take part in viewing a large part of history.

I recall exactly where i was when i watched events that were moving in my life on the television.  Today i made the choice to keep Claire home from school to take part in the very Historic event of Obama's Inauguration.  For me, it is something that all Americans should view.  Even if you do not care for Obama, or did not vote for Obama... such as it is in our family.  We should step back away from how we politically feel to accept the new leader of our country.  Today is even more historical because it is the first African-American President.  It is something that i will remember viewing, and i hope that Claire will remember the Inauguration (and not just that mommy let her "skip" school).

My one hope for the future of America and my child and all of the children is this; Peace.  If i could wrap my arms around the world to give it hope and deliver peace to every man, woman, and child... i would do that.  For now, i know that i can hug and protect, to the best of my abilities, my own child.  I hope that all parents got the message of hope, peace, and freedom from the speech given today by the new President of our country, Barack Obama.

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