Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keys to my life

although the car has changed twice, the key chains remain the same. I got a Hurley keychain in pink and white back in 1997. You can see the backside of a silver "Roswell" keychain that was a gift back in 1999. My house key which is the first key to our first house (where we still live) hides behind the Ford truck key. The key to my current car is snug inside of the ignition. And lastly (but not least) the Penny Angel which guards and protects me as i drive was given to me by my mother back when i got my first car along with the privilege to drive it! 

They are something that gets tossed in my purse daily. They get thrown in pockets and dropped on floors and driveways.  I've "lost "the Hurley logo several times because it falls off of it's own little circle and i often find it laying next to my car.  Luckily it's always found its way back to me.  These keys mean very little to me but at the same time they mean the world to me!

Yesterday they were shimmering in the light as i sat and waited for Claire to get out of school. It was as if i noticed them for the first time in a long time. It was like they were screaming out "notice me" and that i did; i took notice and what each part of it means to me. 

Today i sit here wondering where the economy will take my family in this new year. It's been a rocky past few months and the future on one day looks bright and then another day takes away a job and the future looks questionable. It seems to be one of those days, where the future has a giant "?" staring us in the face. No matter what the future holds for us as a family i know that i will always hold even the littlest things in my life close to my heart and understand that no one can take away the memories of our lifetime.

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