Thursday, January 29, 2009

on the mend

I can still remember when this photo was taken... i had struggled with being anorexic for almost 2 years and had thought i had hidden it so well under baggie clothes and unspoken words.  This is me at age 15 eating a piece of cake at a birthday party.  A year earlier i would not have even touched the cake... or i would have moved it around on my plate and pretended to eat it and then tossed it aside acting like it was no big deal that i didn't eat the cake.  For me, this photo makes me look back with hate of how i treated myself those years before.  Even though in this image i am on the verge of getting myself better, i still hate to even look at it.  But in moving my stuff and preparing to move to California, i was going through a bunch of old CD's full of photos and came upon this photo.  I must have scanned it in for some reason, which now escapes me.  I thought i would post it and share a most hated time in my life... 18 years ago.

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