Sunday, February 22, 2009

how do they do it?

I love all of the pretties. I adore everything that this website (Anthropologie) has to offer. My only concern is this... how do you keep nice things nice?  I live in my home. I USE my items. I have a 9 year old child. A $98 shower curtain that is so beautiful, it is all great in theory, but in reality... it just doesn't work.

So, do people buy cheap "knock-off" pretty items? Or do people go broke buying the expensive things in life and just use it until it quite literally falls apart? i see so many pretty things in homes on blogs that i love to follow and read about. Flickr images are filled with adorable (expensive looking) items inside of homes. Are they all rich and indulge in nice things?

I am using a shower curtain as my example, so i will continue with this same example. We go through shower curtains about 1 every 3 months. One reason is that they are cheap, they are plastic, and they always rip in out in the circle/ring area at the top. Most often within the first month we will rip a circle/ring area and then we will carefully use it until it needs to be replaced due to being old and nasty.

Lovely Photos i see on Flickr
HBW - locked prayers by bertito
Light Trail by City Eyes
 by sandra jutonikkormat camera cake by debbiedoescakes
Spring inspired shelfs by Craft & Creativity
Winter Be Gone by AshwinKNEVER Stop Loving by Skyler J.
totally watching some poor lady hang her washing in an apartment nearby. by sesame ellis
Debonair Motel Sign #1 by tstrayer76
Just hanging around by Immagina
Wedgewood Stove 1940's by alexthegirlSoda Pop Caps - FREECYCLE by Meukin

In a land of opportunities, why are so many people seeking?  

If i never run for office, does that mean i do not care enough to CHANGE what i feel is wrong with America?

Does having the right to speak your mind mean you should speak your mind?

Lend me your ear, i'll tell you a story...
is it truth that he tells
can a person in power, honestly, lie?
if i doubt in his power, his words
what does that make the rest of you?
going a great distance, to take 1 step... backwards
follow the giant, before he hides
his words are so shallow, his heart is so cold
never ending lessons to reach what is right

by the way, i never believed in his "change"

Today feels like a good day for a nap...

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