Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The life of a Vegan Mother

We stopped off and got some fried chicken yesterday.  If i had to guess, i would say we've had this as a meal perhaps 3 times in the last 10 years.  I do not cook it because it is so bad for you!  I normally cook chicken breasts for dinner for Claire and Michael.  But yesterday was an eye opener for me and how i have raised my daughter...

Claire: Can i have an arm?
Michael: An arm? You mean a leg or a drumstick?
Claire: Drum what?
Michael: you know this piece *points out the piece*
Claire: YES, that one...

She picked at this piece and kept asking questions...
Claire: is it OK to eat this piece?  what about this piece, is it ok to eat it if it is... what is this?!
Michael: NO that is a piece of fat... you don't eat the fat.
Claire: *picking some more* What about this, what is this part?
Michael: that's a tendon... don't eat that either...
Claire: Ok, i think i've picked it enough, can i have a body piece now?
Michael: Seriously, what have we done in feeding you?!  It's a leg, a wing, a breast... how do you not know these things?
Me: It isn't like we eat fried chicken often... it's not her fault... i blame me, i don't eat meat so it isn't as if she should know about the pieces of a fried chicken!

About 5 minutes later i had to excuse myself from the table due to the graphic nature of them devouring their chicken.

For me, i can't stomach the nastiness that comes along with people eating meat when they are picking it off of the bone.... and discussing it all in detail!  A hamburger, sure eat away... just chew with your mouth shut.  A piece of chicken, sure eat away with your knife and fork.  But the raw details of eating a piece of fried chicken... it's so nasty! lol

If it were up to me, Claire would be a vegetarian like me.  But she enjoys meat, and i will not keep it away from her.  I'm not a vegan-whack-o who thinks that all people should eat veggie's only.  I mean, in a perfect world there would be less meat eaten because of the way they kill the animals so you can all eat it... trust me, it is so nasty!  And the way people will eat a cow, but not a horse or a dog... i find that odd.  You either eat meat, or you do not.  There should not be this whole "i can't believe that Chinese people eat cats!" uh, you eat a cow, a chicken, and a pig, and fish and whatever else you can eat the meat of that is considered "normal".  Some people worship cows and can't believe American's eat them.  So to them, you are all odd.  Meat is meat, if you're going to eat it, i'm honestly surprised there aren't more cannibals out there.  That sounds strange, but if you eat the flesh of one LIVE being, what is stopping you from eating the flesh of ALL living beings?  because for me, eating ANY flesh is just the most disgusting thing about human beings.   You can put any "religious" spin on it you want, but i've read all sides of it.  There is no pure truth in what God wants.  There is no guarantee that you won't all end up in hell because you killed one of Gods creatures to get a quick meal.  If it's living, if it's breathing, if it feels pain, i'm going with the school of thought that it shouldn't be killed for my "pleasure". No meat for me! :o)

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