Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A good night sleep...

When i was younger i liked to watch the old black and white Tv shows.  The Dick Van Dyke show, Mary Tyler Moore show, Bewitched, etc.  I remember watching and not really thinking too much about it until i was an adult.  The adults slept in 2 seperate twin beds!

Now, if you had this set up today... they'd say you had marital problems and they would quickly suggest that you seek marital therapy!  But at what point (my guess it was the sexual revolution of the 60's) did it become abnormal, unusual, strange, un-hip even, to sleep in seperate beds?

My husband snores.  And i do not mean that light sometimes cute noise you see people doing on a Tv show.  I mean, S. N. O. R. E. - SNORE!  I wake up several times a night and he will be laying right in my face/ear and snoring very loud... to the point of shaking the bed lol  He is also a blanket puller.  Not a gentle tug.  No no, while he is sound asleep, he will TUG the blankets over to his side of the bed, again, waking me up.  He is a sound asleep scratcher.  He will scratch his arm, his leg, he butt, his balls... his anything!  It's like an asleep dog, only i do not think my husband has flees!  God, i hope not!

With all of that going on, i am suppose to get a good night sleep.  Yeah, right.  ;-)

I think that the parents of the 40's and 50's had it right.  Human beings were not meant to "sleep" in the same bed. It just can't be done and have a good night sleep.  I'm not going to go into the "sex" topic... but i will add, yes, having sex in a single bed (let alone a twin bed) can be done ;-)

We are showing our house tonight. I am all nerves on the inside about it all. It is our first time selling a house, the first time we will be showing the house, i'm a total newbie and freaking out with questions!

Claire went back to school today.  I always worry when she has been sick and goes back to school.  I make sure she has water/juice all day to keep her cough under control... will the teacher? I make sure she has tissues with her so if she needs one she doesn't have to get up and walk across the room... will the teacher?  I make sure if she needs a break because she is feeling light headed due to having her sinus' draining (she gets that with a cold) i make sure she gets a break and sits down for a minute.... will the teacher?  Probably not.  Her teachers at the school are amazing, but they are not her mom.  I might over do the love and being there for her when she is sick, but i think it helps when a kid is sick.  

My favorite movie, it's cheesie, it's dorky, and probably not my favorite anymore.... but it once was a favorite movie - anyway it arrived in the Netflix mail today!  I'm excited to watch it.  Oh yeah, it's from 1980 - The Private Eyes, good movie... funny movie!  But only if you like silly movies from 1980 ;-)

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