Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Claire and Morgan, age 5
Ok, i give up... my head hurts from searching for the location!

I recently read an article about how we choose a friend.  I wish i could find it because it summed it up pretty well near perfect!

It has kept me thinking about the people in my life.  I tend to befriend people who are "pure of heart" and have God in their life.  Often times i have to squirm a lot because of this choice.  I am a spiritual person, but i am not a religious person.  To quickly explain: i look at religion and the church as a place for people to just "hang" out with fellow followers of the same faith.  They do a lot of good, but you have to be a believer in their same beliefs to go and fit in.  I do not follow any set religion, they all pretty much have their good and their bad in the teachings.  A lot of the "books" seem more like good stories... folklore... myths... but i can't follow a book that makes me question faith more than it makes me want to follow the faith.  When i go to churches and watch the people sway around to the music, with their hands in the air, and their eyes closed... they look like they are having some kind of episode!  I don't think there is a need to look "odd" in order to have a deep connection to God.  That's just me.

So back to my thinking on my friendships... when i find people who think more like me, i find them ODD!  I do not sit around holding crystals, chanting "om", calling a psychic, thinking i see the future, etc.  I just do not follow a set religion.  I believe in little pieces from a bunch of different faiths.  So when i tell people this, they get all... freaky, and make me uncomfortable!  But on the other hand when people i am friends with who follow a certain faith, when they realize that i have no set faith... they too make me uncomfortable by trying to convince me to join their religion!  I am not "lost" i am a believer of God.  And i don't know of any person who does belong who has their life perfectly together.  So belonging is not going to "insta-fix" me.

I've kind of gotten off topic just a bit due to the religion side.  But for me i want a friend who is good, wholesome, nice, giving, and just all around hopeful.  I typically find the people who religiously think like i do, they are downers and kind of just... pathetic on a whole!  I tend to not want to be around them too much because they bring down my chi... my mojo... my energy... my mood!  However you want to say it, i just don't find myself wanting to be around these people.  But i also do not want to shut them out because i would hate to give them more reason to be "low" in their life.  It is a fine balance between finding a peace in myself when around others and finding peace with not being around certain people.  I normally choose to just find the peace within myself, and hang out with the people who annoy me.  But recently with all that is going on in my life, i find it harder and harder to find a balance to be around certain people.  but... i'm working on it!

soulpancake.com go there, read, speak, enjoy!

this goes with the above website... Rainn Wilson (he plays Dwight on the Office), he was on Oprah's Spirit podcast yesterday and he was an amazing listen.  If you have iTunes and/or the desire to hear his words on his website "soulpancake" then you should give it a listen.  This also made me think about the entire first part of this blog entry.  I had never heard of the "Bahai Faith" before yesterday.  I am not a podcast listener.  Some random force yesterday made me, asked me, lured me... wanted me to listen/watch this podcast.  I'm not a huge Oprah fan, i typically do not watch her show.  But yesterday i clicked "play" and my mind was opened to a whole new world of faith out there.  It is a neat feeling to know there might be a place out there for me after all... a place that holds the beliefs and faiths of every religion and is OPEN to all religions and a place that will not look down if you do not conform to their one book :o)

on a random extra - i took my newly "wrecked" car in to the dealer last Friday, they told me to drop my car off on Tuesday (today).  I thought i would drop it off early and they never ordered the part for my car!  So random.  But now i will be without my car on different days this week.  I'm guessing there is a reason behind it that i am just unaware of, but it still totally stinks that they goofed like that.

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