Tuesday, March 17, 2009

watcha needing?

In a magical place, in a far off land...
there is a place that has toys that are grand.
They fly on their own and speak just to you,
Won't you come along with me too?

"I don't care how....
- Veruca Salt

Yep, that's more like it!  Kids want their toys and they want them now!  They do not care about the imagination of playing.  They play for a moment, and then they move on to the next new toy.  And i'm sorry, but it is the parents fault, and the parents fault alone.

We go to the store about twice a week.  Claire on a rare occasion will want to go to the video game isle to see what is new out there.  But the toy isle? nope.  When she was a baby we purchased all of her favorite toys.  If she like Toy Story, she owned every toy story character we could find.  If she liked my little ponies, our floors were covered in MLP.  You get the idea.  About 2 years ago it hit me... just like adults, if a child likes something it doesn't mean they have to own it all.  I like Converse shoes, but i only own 1 pair.  I have obsessions just like anyone and when i like something i want to buy it. That doesn't mean that i do buy it.

Me, i need a good night sleep.
i need an answer.
i need a vacation.
i need clothes for working for only 1 month.

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