Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who inspires you?

We all look to someone for inspiration.  Some have made the choice to follow our current President without truly getting to know the man as a President.  It is their freedom, their right to choose and i try not to fault them for finding inspiration in this man.  He has things that will inspire people to go out and create and make life better.  So i give him that credit freely.

Who inspires you?  

Do you have someone who whenever you talk, you feel invigorated and ready to take on the world to create a better world?  Someone who every time you speak, you come up with ideas and plan for things and just feel like you could do anything!  I have only a few friends like this, and i cherish their conversations.  I also have some family members that are this way for me too.  My Uncle Brad and Aunt Barb hit the mother load of amazing wonder with their kids.  Katie is an amazing thinker, Becky is an amazing designer, Susan is an amazing creator, Lauren is an amazing dreamer, and James is just amazing at it all.  I love talking with each of these cousins.  I have more who inspire me, but that one family - i have often wished i grew up in their house.

I often wonder if our house is a place of creation for Claire.  We do love our crafts!  But i know my Aunt and Uncle raised their 5 children to be open, honest, and creative in all aspects of their life.  If they wanted to act, they acted.  If they wanted to paint, they painted.  There was never a "no" or a squashing of any of their dreams.  I've never squashed a dream of Claire's (that i know of), but i still hope that she feels inspired in this house.

I use to draw, i use to paint, i use to do so much more creative things than i do now.  I take the time to check e-mail and end up blogging, facebooking, twittering, etc.  I sometimes think that if i were to just turn the computer OFF after the morning checking of e-mail and things... i would have a more productive day! 

One day... i will balance my time better.  Be able to go back to creating more and being online or busy less.  I miss being creative.

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