Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turning another year older, the big 34!

Turning 34 was like turning 30. Just another number into my 30's.  I do not mind being in my early 30's. Truth be told it has (so far) been better than my early 20's!

I spent yesterday at a local Tea Party (protest) and had a wonderful day!  I got messages from just about everyone that i know. Text, Twitter, Facebook, voicemail... you have to love modern technology for this reason.  No matter who you know, or how you know them, they have a way to show their love to you.  There were a couple of people who forgot, or just didn't realize, or perhaps just do not give a shit. But for the most part i heard from those who i felt would remember my birthday. And i felt blessed by all of those best wishes that i did get.

I can't believe that this was the last birthday to be spent in this house. This was the last one in our home town, unless we travel home for my birthday.  It was for sure a great day full of love and adventure. age 34... bring it on! :o)

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