Thursday, May 7, 2009

getting old... what?

back in the 1950's, getting old did not mean learning that much.  When you get old, you are suppose to just retire... play a little golf, drink some wine, sit back and relax while you enjoy your life.  You should not have to take classes to learn the new hip stuff!  I mean think about it... the phones back in the day, the ones that hung on the wall, they were pretty much the same ones that had been around for years.  Maybe they came in different colors.  Maybe the cord was longer so you could chase around your kids or cook a meal while still on the phone.  But the concept of having a phone where you rotary dialed the numbers, it was still the same old stuff as the 1940s.  The concept of the TV was pretty much the same too.  It was not until much later in the 70s or 80's that some people got remote controls, but even that didn't complicate the Tv too much!

today, getting old means learning a whole lot of shit! Cell phones, computers, internet, wireless systems, handsfree devices, iPods, DVR's, Satellite TV, DVD's, etc.  I just got a GPS. I am not old, but this thing is making me say... what the??? on a daily basis!

I can not even imagine what it will be like when i am 80.  Will i be like the Queen of England and have an iPod at the ripe old age of 83?  By the time i am 83, who knows what new hip thing will be!  I can't even figure out how to program the direct Tv DVR at my parents house.  The stupid thing keeps telling me there is a new message... all i want to do is watch the news! (OK, and i also want to watch American Idol and the Office)

The plan is to grow old gracefully... the reality is we will all end up looking like complete idiots to our grandchildren when the new technologies come out.

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