Sunday, May 10, 2009

so much missing going on

Because we only have 17 days left in the mid-west (which only really includes a few actual meals here where we are staying), it doesn't make sense to purchase food that we will not eat.  And if my parents will not eat it either, then it's just a total waste of money!  So in no particular order, these are some of the things i am missing:

I miss ice cream. 
I miss vegan hamburgers.
I miss vegan hot dogs.
I miss vegan everything!
I miss my favorite snack foods.
I miss white chocolate chips.
I miss (so much) my bean, onion, tofu creation!
I miss my Thai food creations!
I miss clean water straight out of the faucet that doesn't smell like well water.

I could go on for days. Needless to say, i miss my good food. 

17 days until we move to California!

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