Thursday, July 23, 2009

pet peeves were never meant to be pets.

my scribbles

peeve (pv)
peeved, peev·ing, peeves
To cause to be annoyed or resentful. See Synonyms at annoy.

1. A vexation; a grievance.

2. A resentful mood: in a peeve about the delays.

to irritate or annoy: the way he looked at her peeved her

Today i am realizing a new peeve of mine... the miss-use of simple words online. i would never pass myself off as an English scholar or someone who has perfect spelling and grammar. i do not like to capitalize my "i" when i type, so i should really be the last person to have such a complaint... but here it is just the same.


i like to write. it is not right, nor is it wright.


i like this too! it is not to, nor is it two.


They're sitting over by me. it is not there, nor is it their.

Do you see the pattern?

Yes, it is easy to mistake some uses of words. to be perfectly honest, "who or whom" has always confused me just a bit.

So please, i implore you to take a second when you are typing up your tweets, your status updates, and your messages to me... take this moment to reflect on your spelling of words. After all, we are only our words online. What you see is what you get in this world of first impressions.

thank you in advance!

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