Monday, July 13, 2009

returning to the new home again.

along the way we saw a Dinosaur.

And Mount Rushmore.

Each time i travel across this great country of ours i am humbled by just how majestic it truly is and how different each state can be. The trip home i made mental notes along the way of things i wanted to share. Some are good, some are bad, and some are funny. You be the judge of the country yourself... i implore you to all go on a road trip. Go out there and see just how amazing each state really and truly is on the open road. Anyway, here are just a few observations...
1. Music stations on I-80 are old school. and i am thankful for any music!
2. People who look like they'd clog a toilet, are the ones who
do clog it!
3. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are on a new time, the old original time wins out.
4. America really is beautiful and more people should trek out to see it.
5. There are actually towns, with signs and everything, that are
population 1.
6. Mt. Rushmore seems like it might be "lame" and just faces on rocks, but it truely is majestic and a must see!
7. Not all places need 101 billboards leading up to their exit, let's think or re-think our signage overload America!
8. When you really need to pee, I mean really bad, you still should never under any circumstances stop in Sinclair Wyoming.
9. VW Jetta. What can I say? You are not a great car.
10. America is "under construction".... Everywhere!
11. I am thankful for the speed limit of 75 mph. More states should have this!
12. I like having a bed to sleep in, although the car does save us money, nothing beats a bed and FREE breakfast!
13. Did I mention how beautiful America is? yes, well go see more of it!
14. Who pays $3.89 for a 12oz pop? Oh that would be me at several gas stations. Because they can charge that much and we will all pay it!
15. I am thankful for healthy ears in all menbers of my family thus trip. No ear infections, yes!
16. People should be more aware that they are in the passing lane.
17. There are no words to describe the horrible road conditions in the California Mountains. You know that noise you can make with your voice when you're on something bumpy? yeah, that gets annoying and old after about 1 mile... but the bad road continues on for the entire mountain journey!
18. Immediately after exiting the California mountains... it's 4 lanes of traffic that never, ever end.
19. i have car control issues. its a work in progress... either that or hubby really can not drive well.
20. Wherever home is... there is no place like it!

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