Tuesday, August 18, 2009

riding along, clueless, in the sunshine.


at some point in life, probably when we feel like it's almost a little too late, we see ourselves for who we really are in life. we notice all of the things that we love and we ignore all of the little things that might have use to matter to us. we stop taking for granted the things that should be noticed. we find out all of the things that make us different than everyone else, and we embellish those traits for the bettering of not only our life but if we are lucky enough, for bettering the life of someone we love.

although the bees are still attacking my window today, so the breeze that i long for isn't flowing next to me as i write, sparking my desire to really write... i feel that i need that kind of an awakening inside of me. i need to stop writing in fear of the who might be reading. i need to open up my blog for the world to see and you can take me for who i am... the good, the bad, and the often ugly!

i realized that i write better when the air is fresh, clean, and blowing freely around me. i use to find this time in the car. you see i had this amazing peaceful alone time for at least 45 minutes a day when i would wait in my car for Claire to be done with school. it wasn't a momentous time, but it was all mine. i miss that free time. but it is time to realize that those times are gone. we live here now. i have no true alone time in our tiny apartment, and i need to adapt. this is me adapting. watch out world!

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