Thursday, September 3, 2009


be free

a mountain from a distance appears big and beautiful and majestic.
a mountain while you are standing in the middle of it, seems like plain rocks and being in the middle of nowhere too special.
a mountain from the top peak, seems like you are on top of the world and the view is breath taking.

a Monet painting from far away looks amazing.
a Monet painting from right on top of it looks like a mess of colors!

from the distance of living in the mid-west, California also looked like this amazing dream land of where all dreams come true.
close up, it is just life. same as the mid-west, only a different zip code and the weather is much nicer in the winter.

sometimes my perception of life, and most often of people, is a bit out of focus. I often times think very highly of people who i shouldn't. and i think nothing of people who i should be thinking an awful lot more of. it is strange how there are times when even the tiniest little thing can change the way we perceive things. my perception of many people has changed in the last 6 months. some for the better, some for the worst. i wish i could go back to my thinking of some people before i lost all hope and desire to even know them in my life... but often times you just can't go back. It isn't a forgiveness issue or that they have done something so drastic to make you hate them... more often it is just because of a change in perception. sometimes you just change who you are so your views on issues change so your previous views do not line up anymore to be part of their life.

i probably stopped making sense 2 sentences ago. point is, we grow... we change... we move on. i think its time i moved on from many things/people that i use to admire in some small way. and i think it is time i give other people the attention that they deserve.

perception is a very funny thing.

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