Thursday, September 17, 2009


what if we do not feel like talking.
what if today, we feel like we look
despite the truth that deep inside
we are fluffy and beautiful
outside we feel like we are ugly.
and so we just want to seek alone time.

what if despite needing to talk
we just do not feel like talking.
lost in our own thoughts
and imaginations
we just want to be left alone.

not out of self pity.
not out of despair.
not out of anger.
just out of necessity.

today was one of those days. i did not feel much like myself. despite having to be thrown in the mix of company. despite having to share my work space, my computer, my normal flow. despite having to be surrounded by talkers... i myself did not feel like talking! it happens. not often. but from time to time, i just want to be alone with my thoughts and let the process of these thoughts take hold and learn from what i am thinking.

on days like today... being alone is not a negative, but a positive. it makes me feel better. it makes me whole again. when i do not get the desired quality of alone time, i tend to get a tad cranky by bed time. so i often go to "bed" early to seek out the alone time i was needing the entire day long.

so good night and sleep well, dream of wonderful places!

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