Monday, October 5, 2009

going political for a moment here.

Can you name this man?

Do you care about his cause?

Do you care about freedom?

Would you stand with him or against him?

Would you choose to side with China to repress the people of Tibet?

Tonight i learned (read article here) that our current president cancelled a meeting with him, "to keep China happy..." This really upsets me! For more than just the fact that i still think Obama is an arrogant SOB who acts like he is a hollywood movie star and less and less like a president of the United States of America. Oh no, it's deeper than that. Human rights should never be pushed aside because they "might" (stress that word, might there) help in future talks with the Chinese Communist leader. Presidents meeting with the Dalai Lama in the past have never hurt the talks, why does he seriously think that it will help?

Why aren't more so called celebrities upset and playing their cards to come to the defense of the Buddhist nation of Tibet? Are people really so blinded by Obama's "charm" and ease of speaking skills to make waves with him? Are they afraid they might not get those tickets next time to hear him speak? There is something really wrong with the way celebrities bend to the will of this man and swoon like a schoolgirl for his so called big plans for our country. So far he has done nothing that makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. You can point to Bush, Clinton, Bush (1), and on down the line all you want and say, "see... he's better because he isn't them..." But is he really? i mean, really? what has he done to date that is so great for our country? Can you name something above and beyond that he has done (followed through on to the end) that made our country better than we were before he took office... please tell me something life altering that this man has done to win you people over!

I use celebrities as the case maker here because us little people with zero pull way down here at the bottom... we can't even reach the president to have a conversation with him. I'm sure if there was a big enough celebrity calling him up saying, "dude... blowing off the Dalai Lama, that's so not cool - we're pulling our backing of you until you change your ways..." It might make him think twice before choosing Communist China over the repressed Tibet.

I am very interested in Tibet and the entire issues that surround that country. For me, it is like a personal slap in the face that Obama picked China over meeting with the Dalai Lama. He is the first president to do so. Today i am embarrassed for my country that our President did this.

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