Thursday, October 15, 2009



it often occurs to me that i have a lot of passion. Sometimes this is a good thing because i am in it to win it! but there are times when i let my emotions control the events. Be it happy, sad, angry, desperate... emotions are hard for me to keep in check.

When i become passionate against something (or someone), i most often stick to my beliefs. Harming not only myself, but those around me. There have been many times when this effected me deeply and changed my life forever. i am often left to wonder what would have come about if i had not let my passion take over and be the moment... instead of just living in the moment and letting it flow as it should.

i created this rock as a reminder of my passion being something i need to keep in check. it isn't easy, and one day i hope that i can have more control over this emotion so i can think before i act... or speak.

i placed the rock in an area of burnt trees along my path today; this represents how i most often feel after i allow passion about a situation to take place... i feel like i am this rock full of passion, and all around me is the destruction of those who i have hurt.

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