Thursday, October 1, 2009

that's my punk ass kid!

I do not know about you guys, but when i was a kid i was unaware of who i was as a person. True enough i still struggle with who exactly i am or want to be in life! But looking back i went through so many phases of me; a total tomboy, a sporty girl, a preppy girl, a hippy girl, a punk girl, a greenpeace girl, and so on. My look changed a lot over the years and sometimes even changed daily depending on which friends i was hanging out with at the time. I changed to suit other people. As an adult i do not over think my clothes or my look. I have learned what looks good on me and that's the best people are going to get. I still struggle with what look i want though. I am part punk, party hippy, part preppy, part SAHM, part everything else. There is a part of me that wants to cut all of my hair off and be a grown up sophisticated lady. There is part of me that wants to put blue streaks in my hair! There is a part of me that wants to grow my hair super long and be a total hippy. But the difference is that i am the one struggling with who i want to be, not because of who others think i should be.

Which brings me to my kid. I wish i had half of her attitude when i was 10! She dresses for her and her alone. I have caught myself saying, "you can not be serious with that outfit?!" and she's like, "what? there's nothing wrong with what i am wearing." Even when i point out the obvious miss-match of colors and the fact that she is wearing knee high socks with shorts - she doesn't care. And truth be told by the end of the day i most often love her outfit. But it's that spunk that she isn't dressing to please anyone but herself is something that took me a long time to get to as a person.

the other day she was wearing my black hoodie, shorty shorts, and a tee-shirt... and she had on these socks that have the toes cut out so you can wear them with flip flops. I thought she looked like a total mess! but she was like, "take my picture... PLEASE! i look so cute in this!" i was hesitant to capture this look on camera... but in the editing i saw what she saw - just my punk kid being who she is best at being, herself.

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