Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thoughts of today

* mystified by you *
why are you so nice
why are you so vile
you love me, adore me
then you take advantage... of me

i wish my smile was enough for this
i wish you could figure me out
i wish i could figure you out
i wish you'd never forget... me

when i say this
it is without you
before you, i knew not of you
slowly i already have forgotten... you

miss me if you want to
i will not be there for you
give me a call if you want to
i will not answer for... you

no more... for you
nothing else is for you
forget that i ever knew you
like you've forgotten... me.

i find life most interesting these days.
the distance from me to everyone that i use to know.
i use to enjoy seeing so many people.
i think distance brings out the people you never knew would be there for you,
and it shows you the people who you didn't realize would drop you.

i use to write for the sake of writing.
i would see something, someone, anything at all...
and i would write about it (like above)
i stopped because people thought everything was about ME.
guess what, not everything is about you and certainly not everything is about me.

selfish thoughts of today -
1. i wish i had loads of money to buy music. i miss buying music the most.
2. i wish i had a maid. i've never had one, but i think i'd enjoy having one.
3. i wish i had money to just go, be where i wanted to be.
4. i wish Michael could get a job, not only for money but because sometimes i need SPACE!
5. i wish i could bring my car back to me, tomorrow.

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