Monday, March 22, 2010

you like what?

today i am making a pledge to myself to never again be a follow-groupie!

follow-groupie /n/ : a person who goes along with someone else to like/dislike a person, product, or thing because they think it will hold more value to them as a person. example 1: Jennifer Garner drinks Green tea, and even though i hate tea i drink it too because she likes it - if someone like her likes tea, then i must too. example 2: Uh! i hate Green tea because Jennifer Garner drinks it - i can't stand Jennifer Garner, so i must hate the things that she likes.

i tend to place my like/dislike on things to please other people. From now on i plan to say how i feel (in a nice way) and hold to my convictions of what i like/dislike... because if we all liked the same things in life - that would be a very boring place to live!

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