Saturday, August 28, 2010

the journey...

photo taken by me in Santa Cruz 2010, "the teal chair"

life takes you on journeys, down paths that lead you nowhere, down paths that lead you somewhere, down paths that lead you to new paths, and sometimes down paths that lead you astray. we each must figure out what the path is leading us to. If you shut yourself off from the lessons that life is teaching you... if you forget to live life each day... to learn... then you will never understand why you are on the road you are on.

sometimes we mistake the message, and it is not until we are on another path in life that we truly understand what the previous path(s) were teaching us in our life. There aren't many "signs" in the roads of life... but, it is up to you to read them, to interpret them, and to turn them into meaning. For without understanding the meaning, the messages are lost and without translation into your life.

it would be nice to travel high above the road to only observe the sights on your path. Never to be trampled. Never to be ignored. Never to be looked upon with hateful eyes. Never to be in the wrong. Never truly experience the life. But then... where is the fun in that? Life has meanings hidden inside of every tiny detail. If you only observe, then you will not learn. Life is lived through lessons. If you do not learn, you do not live. this includes those lessons that pain you. Just know that you will recover to live another day. And you will take the pain and turn it into something!

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