Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drive thru mentality

It seems that everyone is too busy in life. No one wants to slow down and enjoy the things that are meant to be enjoyed. I know only a handful of people {myself included} who would rather drive to a vacation destination than fly. Everyone wants to just get there and skip over the places that are along the way, and then get right home by skipping over the places once again. No one cares to get out into the world and see the world much anymore.

The people of Europe have it right. For the most part, each person can speak their native language along with English and several other languages of the area around their country. The reason for this learning is simple; they travel, they explore, and they are aware of their entire continent that they live upon. Only 7% of American's have a passport. Which for the most part we do not require one for any reason at all other than to travel to Canada and Mexico while driving and seeing things, so this is just a random point to make. European's however can get to almost any other country from where they live in just a few hours. And i could not find any hard numbers, but most online sources said ALL Europeans had passports.

You do not need to live in a place like Europe to immerse yourself in a culture rich environment. Inside of each town, each state, and each section of our country you can find culture. There is so much to see in America. I'm proud to say that i have driven from one coast of this country to the other coast of this country. I've driven North to South and places in between. And honestly, i've barely scratched the surface of what there is to see in America. But i can tell you this, i've seen some truly amazing things driving around this country of ours. Middle of nowhere Utah/Nevada border area... the great salt flats! amazing! Middle of nowhere Wyoming... Tree Rock! Middle of nowhere New Mexico... Billy "the kid" history! Places you can not just take a plane and you are there. You have to get out and take an adventure. I could list off so many amazing things that i've seen over the years because i took the time to get to where i was going and noticed all of the things along the way.

This isn't just about knowing your country and seeing it, but on a whole people prefer to just have a drive thru style of life. Maybe it is because it is COLD out in the mid-west but the drive thru's are always packed and the parking lots and inside the places are empty. I prefer to go inside, sit down, and enjoy speaking to people face-to-face. {I admit to getting drive thru meals when we are painting or doing a task that requires fast food.} There is just something about the concept of everything going drive thru, it bugs me a bit. Drive thru pharmacies are popping up at even the larger chain stores that do not even specialize in pharmacies. I saw in the news a few months back that they have a drive thru "Adult" store opening up in Texas. I've seen articles on drive thru cigarette and alcohol stores. It's just strange that people can drive thru to get almost anything these days.

I get that people are busy. I get that everyone thinks that their time is more precious than parking, getting out of their car and actually walking around a store to get what they need... but is it any wonder that the Obesity rate in America climbs higher and higher every year? People are getting lazier by the minute. Soon it will be like in the movie Wall-e. People will have zero need to even get up for any reason and they will turn into the people in that movie. FAT and LAZY people just wondering through life with no attention span for reality. it is a sad thought to think of the future of the human race when everything is going to a lazier way of doing things.

This sort of turned into a mini-rant there at the end. Sorry. Basically i wonder when the drive thru lifestyle will end in America? When will people realize that they NEED to get out and DO things. Explore, Enjoy, and Appreciate the life that is all around us all. There is plenty of time to walk your happy bottoms into Taco Bell and get your food for lunch. Not only are you getting a bit of exercise that will help save your life one day... you are also shutting off your car, which in turn helps reduce CO2 and less pollution also helps save your life and the life of others!

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