Monday, March 7, 2011

Changes are a validation of the reality of living

Each day we live, we grow, and as we grow we change. You can not stop the cycle of life and the manor of how each day brings about changes. There are some changes that come and we revel in their power to make us into better people. Often times the changes that come and go do so without notice, or without speculation on what that change will mean to us.

The past few years i have had numerous changes in my life, so many that it would be foolish to sit back and count them all as life altering. The few that make me take grand notice of how my life has changed drastically are the ones that matter the most inside of me. For years i have kept them hidden, or guarded inside me. Fearing that if i spoke too much or too often of these changes, that perhaps they would disappear or change the way that i saw them.

Fear is something that we all live with as well as change. We often fear great changes because the unknown factors in change are so great. Many of us let changes pass us by because we let the fear take over, and so we choose to do nothing. I too am guilty of this inaction when it comes to grabbing hold of change and letting life take me to places i am unfamiliar with. Even in not acting on or following change, we change. These changes can sometimes lead to greater things coming our way, or they can change the way that we see the place we are at and then question where we are at in life. By not taking a chance on change, we direct our life onto a different path. And that could be the greatest change of all, the non-change, change.

I have learned a lot about myself by letting life change all around me. I've leapt into the change head first, and i've also sat back and changed with my inactions. Some of my greatest adventures were when i jumped in head first and let the change take over me. Other times, i regret pushing changes to come my way. Especially when my wanting change effected other people in my life.

This blog {name change} is a change for me. Pushing into my 36th year of life next month, i have been starting to take a long hard look at where i am and where i want to be at in my life. i have a lot to say on many subjects, but i often hide behind the mask of the internet. Mostly fearing who might be reading what i have to say online. And truly, there are those that i do not want in my life or reading what i have to say on a personal level. From now on, when i write in blog form... i will avoid the over personal and just speak my mind in a way that leaves much to the imagination of who i am, or what i am trying to get across to those who do not know me {or even those who do know me, or perhaps just those who think that they know me}.

*Note* entries before this day were written on my previous blog, Swing Carousel.

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