Thursday, December 3, 2009

climate gate.

the reason we try.

Over the last few days i've been reading and listening to the News talk about "climate gate" (if you've been living inside of a box, try going to google and doing a search on "climate gate"). It stands to reason that any lie is bad and should be looked down upon. But i also feel that it is necessary to sometimes lie to certain people in life... "Why no dear, that doesn't make you look fat." ;-) Although i pride myself on being up front and honest as much as i can in life - i would expect nothing less than the truth from all others to me... so i do all that i can to always tell the truth, even if it hurts someone. But there are certain times when you just can't help but lie to avoid major hurt or unforeseen circumstances.

So when i hear/see that people in the climatology departments have been faking documents to cover up that the world isn't exactly warming up like they had previously predicted - one thing 1st comes to mind - so what?

But when you dig deeper down into the cost of it all - then and only then do i feel frustration towards the issue.

Set aside the cost issue... set aside the billions wasted each year on fake studies and false records... set it all aside, and what you get are people working towards a better future for the planet to make life better for every person on it.

But it does remind me of a quote my Earth Science teacher said almost daily so its burnt into my mind, "the planet will be here long after humans die off and another race of beings takes it over..." just as it did with the dinosaurs; what we are doing today is protecting and preserving HUMAN kind, not the planet. There is very little that we, as humans, can do to destroy the planet for good. We might change its nature, we might make it appear differently than what it had in the past... but we can't destroy the planet (short of blowing it up, of course). But we can harm and destroy HUMAN kind by what we do.

Another thing is a great photographers quote "keep/leave it just as you found it..." meaning that when you go to take a photo of nature or life, don't adjust what you see... don't move the leaves around to make it more pretty for what you think might make it prettier in a photo... just take your photo, and move on so that others can come and see the world just as it should be - natural - un messed with by human kind.

So back to my first original thought of "so what?" If it takes a "lie" to wake up most people on this planet that what they are doing is killing each other, then i say fib a little bit... just stop spending/wasting money doing it and we're all good. Most people i know do not recycle or even try to "save the planet". But i've been at this saving the world business since i was a teenager (but i am far from perfect at it). I was part of Greenpeace. i've been a vegetarian since age 11 and will forever be one. I refuse to think to this day that it is about saving the planet, the planet will be just fine - what i am trying to save is the future of HUMAN kind. Saving the future for my daughter and her (our) future children.

So to sum up, lying is BAD... but maybe change your tactics to save the people instead of saving the planet and you will get more help. Most people are against killing of humans (sure they'll eat a cow or two) so if they realize they're killing each other off slowly by trashing the planet - maybe they will wake up and try harder :)