Friday, December 12, 2008

i want this book! + favorite thing.

well, there are more, but i really want this one!

i simply remember my favorite things...

the smell of snow in the air
the way the flakes drift slowly down
my favorite snuggly blue sweater
cuddles to stay warm with Claire
hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows
putting up our Christmas tree
making tons of cookies for others
creating holiday decorations with Claire
playing in the snow
giving lots of love and gifts to others...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

so many bricks - it's hard to tear down

i have this wall around me...
it is tall enough that i can no longer see over it;
the years of attacks on my character
the pain of never knowing
the lack of love from so many
the sorrow of losing so much
the guilt of never letting go
the shame of a teenage disorder
the isolation of being all alone
the fear of letting in and getting hurt
the dangers that lurk outside my door
the twisted nature of the beast
the words that hurt forever
the door that never opens
the phone that never rings
the friend that never remembers
the love that has no voice
the way that it's suppose to be
the glares from across the room
the whispers that i hear
the voice that never speaks
the room that grows colder
the echos of the deep
the street that never ends
the visions of what if
the pain that i carry...
it never lets me escape this wall.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lack of world knowledge...

a conversation at our house tonight:

Claire: Daddy, check out my new webkinz... it's an elephant... a velveteen elephant!
Michael: that's pretty cool.
Claire: guess what i named it? c'mon guess!
Michael: velve... ele... i don't know what?
Claire: think of a country where you'd find them...
Michael: Africa
Claire: Daddy, Africa isn't a country - it's a continent!
Michael: South Africa?
Claire: why would i name my elephant "South Africa"?
Michael: i don't know... what did you name it?
Claire: INDIA!
Michael: i would never guess India! why would you pick India for an elephant name?
Claire: Hello... it's like their car over there!

OK, perhaps more WORLD culture is needed in our schools?  My 9 year old child thinks that elephants are the major means of transportation in India and that they have very few cars on the road.  Thank you public school system.