Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti and our borders beyond...

*Please note, all images below are linked to their original source so that you can read the stories that go along with them.
** Please note, this is my opinion of how i think it should be, feel free to disagree, but you aren't going to change my mind.

Yesterday i felt angry and very sad towards a couple people that i know. I understand their words were not meant to spark negative feedback, and both of these women are amazing moms and women! But it got me thinking, if two people felt this way "it's great that people are donating to help in Haiti, but what about all the people here in America that need aid?" then perhaps there are more Americans thinking the exact same thing. This makes me very sad.

i am of the mindset that we are not just a nation of The United States of America - we are a world nation. ONE world ONE love! It is not that i do not support American charities and all the wonderful things that they do, but here in America we have a very large scaled government with ways to help every single MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD (even pets!). Certainly there are times when people fall through the cracks in this country... but opportunity is there for any person who seeks the help and guidance of our well established government. Could it be more, of course. But this isn't really about our government at the moment... what i am shocked about is that people can coldly turn a blind eye to the rest of the world because they think it doesn't matter. it DOES MATTER!

Charity: water

My first time coming across this charity - it brought tears to my eyes. If you want water, what do you do? You quite simply, turn on the tap water in your kitchen, bathroom, if need be an outside faucet, or if you are out an about there are clean water drinking fountains on just about every street corner or inside of every building. But what if you had to walk miles every single day to get drinking water. Now what if that water was like what you see in the image above? It baffles the mind to think that an element found on over 71% of this planet - and millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water. I'm not talking about during the aftermath of a disaster like in Haiti or even Katrina, i am talking about every single day of their life and their children's life. Being born in America you are already blessed by not only FREEDOM but having basic needs of life at your fingertips each and every day of your life.

Doctors without Borders

The image above is a refugee camp in Thailand. Imagine if your country kicked you out because of your religious belief or because you didn't belong for some random reason - or because of a natural disaster. You would be forced at gunpoint to stay in a refugee camp. No other country wants you, and your own country will not take you back. You are stuck. Now imagine you are sick or your child is sick. The camps are less than sanitary! You can not leave to go to a doctor, so what do you do? With help from the UN, UNICEF, and Doctors without Borders these people will get medical help. Not to mention food and clean drinking water. Do you honestly think a refugee camp would ever be set up inside of the USA? Hell no. We would find a way to get every single man, woman, and child into a safe living condition. This kind of atrocity happens around the world all the time. There are millions of people in refugee camps as i type this in Haiti and other parts of the world.

the following images are from on the ground in Haiti. If you can look at these images and still think people in the US need our help & money more than those in greater need elsewhere on this planet, then there is nothing more i can do for you. It is sad to think anyone can see the issues that plague our planet and still think "help me/us first".

my God, just imagine if this was your grandmother!

Pray for those not only in our own country, but all over the world each and every day!

ONE world, ONE love!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

things we see...

i saw this on another person's photo page... i have NO idea where it came from?
In Each of us, two natures are at war --- the good and the evil.
All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer.
But in our own hands lies the power to choose --- 
what we want most to be... we are.
And i am starting to wonder if i stand alone in wanting to be good?
i'm not saying everyone i know is "evil" but they are not exactly "nice" and willing to be helpful and always kind to others.