Friday, April 2, 2010

A Happy Friday

A long time ago, i met my husband. i will not bore you with the details of our meeting story! But when i first started dating him he was just out of HS and a smarty pants. In HS he was in all college classes his junior-senior year and he graduated early because he had taken so many extra smart classes. Luckily for him i did not know these details until after we had been friends first for about a month - before we started dating. If i had known how smart he was up front i probably would have never dated him. Smart people make me very nervous, to the point of full on stuttering and stammering around them. And they do not even have to be extremely book smart, it could be street smart, or it could even just be a smart ass! But if the word smart describes a person in any fashion, i tend to freak out.

You see, i do not consider myself "smart" on any level. No, i am not dumb, nor was i ever held back a grade, nor am i illiterate or any thing like that. But i am dyslexic and i have big issues with doing anything in my head - if you give me paper and a pen (or a computer and a keyboard) i will amaze you! But if i have to use just my brain, it doesn't always work the way i want it to. This makes me nervous when i am around people who think quickly on their feet. This makes me freeze up and i tend to come off as dingy... or a total dork!

This isn't really about how i freeze up, but more about how even the smartest of the bunch do not always know it all!

Back to having first met my hubby.... i tell this story to C quite often, because she is a lot like me, she tends to put too much pressure on herself to be the best at something... at everything! When she was in 2nd grade she had a teacher that i disliked very much... a teacher who pushed little kids to be PERFECT in their grades or she gave them a hard time about it. But C was the kind of kid who took it to heart and thought she was a bad child if she even got 1 missed answer on a paper. This is when i started telling her the story of the things her dad didn't know... until i taught him ;-)

1. the months of the year. Oh sure, he knew there were 12 months in the year. And he knew the first 3 went in the order of January, February, March... and then he just would babble off random months. He knew that his birth month was in August and it was the 8th month of the year. But he just never learned the months in order. He knew all of them by name, and he knew what month of the year it was when he was in the month - no one ever bothered to teach him the order. This, the guy who took college Psychology when he was a Junior in HS. THIS guy didn't know his months when i met him. Sure he was only 18 when we met, but it made me realize that he did not actually know it ALL. and that made all the difference in the world to calm my nerves around him - and now we are happily married - going on 15 years this summer!

2. Happy Friday. Or as the rest of the world pretty much knows it as "GOOD Friday". I remember getting a call one day from my husband (we had been married for about 2 years at this point), he called to tell me they were getting out of work early. "for something called Happy Friday..." i remember sitting there going "huh?" he insisted that it was for "happy" Friday and that we should go out to celebrate this "happy" Friday. It took me all but a couple of minutes to realize that he meant "Good" Friday! Once i realized this simple mistake, i sat and laughed for a minute and explained it to him.

There are more stories about hubby and many stories about others i know who made me nervous until i got to know them more - and i realized that they all might be pretty darn smart, but they can not know it all.

So on this Happiest of Fridays - i will be spending it with my very smart hubby, my very smart daughter, my over the top smart little brother, his smart wife - and of course i will spend it loving every silly thing they do that makes me love them all even more! Because in life, we represent more than just being smart or silly or beautiful... we are all a complete package. Some of us might have the brains, some of us may have the charm, and then there are some of us who are just a ball of mystery! ;-)

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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