Thursday, August 27, 2009

needs . daily life

i feel so full of desire these days.
i need to day dream more.
i need to say, that's Ok for today...
and mean it!

i need some real connections
i need the whole story,
i need to listen to you.
feel what you are saying is real.

i need to good times. i need people laughing all around me.
i need to get moving... get out the door and go!

i need to be inspired by something great.
i need to take it all in, feel it, be it.

i need to make a change that sits right in the pit of my stomach,
and not just go with the flow.

i need to send out love and get it back. i need to stop sending out love that never comes back.
i need to be sure i commit to telling people i know that i love them, when i do love them.

i need to to see the great big picture before i jump again.

i need to find a way back to who i use to be. i need to keep
Claire on the path of were she wants to be, and not where
people are telling her to be.

i need all of my problems to magically be fixed by something great and wonderful.

what i really need is love... because in the end, love conquers all.

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