Monday, September 7, 2009


on the line

hearing things that are said, you must listen to all that is said.
reading things that are said, you must read all that is being said.

often in life you see and hear what you want to and then either take the defensive or you join the side because you heard what you wanted to hear and dismissed the rest. Obama gave a lot of people this HOPE that he would change their lives if you voted for him. i know many people who voted for him, they were Republican, they put their faith of their beliefs on the line and they voted for him. They now regret their vote. They see the exact same things that he said before and they disagree and find it hard to believe they felt, believed, and did what they did and said all that they said just 1 year ago.

when i was 17 i believed that i should get in people's faces and protest against animal killers. i was part of greenpeace. i handed out flyers against whaling, chicken saluter houses, etc. i argued with people who didn't believe the same thing i was thinking about how it was wrong to kill an animal and eat the meat. when i was 20 i married a meat eating man. Did i lose my feelings on eating meat? no. but i didn't shout as hard. i stood firmly to what i believe for my own life, still to this day. Animals are beautiful creatures that should be allowed to live, not be killed and processed for human consumption. This is my opinion (a word that some need to look up and define, here i did it for you - "1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.") i have a 10 year old daughter who on occasion eats meat. She is free to live her life and choose her own path on this issue. There are other issues that i feel just as strongly about, like alcohol, and on this i will not bend for her. My convictions on drinking have changed over the years. Will they perhaps one day down the road change back? doubtful. but as with anything in life, we all are given FREE WILL by God to live our life as we so choose. even if we change our minds.

So (anonymous comment person) before you send out all of that hate in a comment to me for saying an opinion (i refer you back to that definition), think about the fact that you are angry because you hold a different opinion... neither person is right. i do not say i am right, i say how i feel. You are more than free to disagree, just don't expect to change my mind today.

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