Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where to move?

The only reason we stay in Lafayette, Michael's job.

So now we are wondering where to move?  We are growing tired of all of the snow and cold.  I have ALWAYS wanted to live by a beach.  My entire life, i longed to live within 2 hours of a REAL beach.  Sure we go to Warren Dunes in Mi and there is a "beach" at the lake... but it just is not the same as walking down the beach, collecting rocks and sea shells and beach glass.  It is a feeling that since i was a very young child, i have longed for it.

We are looking at maps and avoiding areas that we just don't want to live near.  Florida is last on our list.  We are thinking of South Carolina... but we would know NO ONE and that is something that we could live with, but it would be nice to be near at least some person in our family or a close friend.  Now we are just pondering where to go?

California is on the table... and we have family there...

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