Friday, February 20, 2009

just me, just things

Do you have a box?  Is it filled full of things you had as a baby, perhaps just as a child, or even perhaps it is from collage?  When i was 17 i moved away.  My parents sold their house, whatever i did not take with me when i moved out, my mom threw it away.  I only have a couple of things that fit into a box that is 8 inches tall and about 5 inches square around.  It holds several things from when i was a baby.  My foot was broken when i was 3 days old and i wore a cast to fix a problem in my foot for 6 weeks.  I remember taking this cast in for show-and-tell when i was in Kindergarden!  It is a piece of my very start into life.  This box also holds my duckie stuffed toy, and my baby outfit that has duckies on it, and this cute little guy (seen above).  

It doesn't mean anything to anyone else.  But this tiny box, it is all that i have left from being a child.  I try not to dwell on the fact that i have nothing left.  I try not to harbor angry feelings towards my mom for throwing away all of my childhood things.  But there is something to be said where i am still excited to have just this one box left.  It holds few memories, but the ones that it does hold... they are the most important to me and i am excited to have what i still do have.


ALERT!  I'm giving everyone this blog to read... and it is a MUST read by anyone with children and especially those who do not have children and keep saying "i'm never having kids, kids are too much work..."  And this will be read by me daily still, because it is just a fun read.  If you are offended, get over yourself... kids are all kinds of crazy, daily!  It does take a special kind of person to be a parent.  you either have it (and know that you have it in you) to be a parent, or you do not have it in you to take care of a human every single day, for the rest of your life.  Trust me, my parents are 60 and they still help my sister and brother out with their lives!  You're never done, and you are locked in for your entire life.  I for one, i'm willing to have another one, and keep up this madness of being a parent.  But enough said by me... go, read it, read it all... you have to get to the 2nd or 3rd page and do a spit-take like me when you read about the exploding diarrhea in the snow suit!  So go on... READ IT! ;-)

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