Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The world that we live in

One day we will own a car that will run on pure love.
One day that car will take us to far off places.
One day in the future there will be no gas stations.
but for today, we are teaching Claire how to use this tool.

Watching, listening, not completely understanding it all last night when our new President gave yet another speech.  He gives such grand speeches, but they hold little substance when i sit and listen.  Perhaps i am just not wanting to hear what he has to say because i think he is a smug a-hole that only became our current President due to his young age.  People followed him for whatever reason they followed him, but in the end they voted for someone who has NO experience in being a leader. (the other guy was not any better though) What the future holds, no one knows.  I hope, i pray, i wait, i listen; one day the future will unfold and we will all have the grand picture to look back on.  The best i can do, is to do my part in helping my family become more than what ails us today.  Move past the pressure to follow the nation on it's problem coat tails.  Make my life and the things that i do on a daily basis mean something to better not only my life, but that of a fellow American.  If i can create something, however small, that will change the world - then it is my duty as not only an American, but as part of the human race.  Do good today, do better tomorrow... do all that you can to make who you are better.  As a good friend said yesterday, "you are number 1".  She helped someone better their life, she felt good about helping.  She felt like a #1 and everyone should help others and feel that they are #1.  I'm not talking "ego" here, i'm talking about being helpful and that feeling of good all over that you get for doing something for someone else.  Just go out there, do good... do better! Just do.

Drugs are bad! Well, duh!  I've been watching the news about the border issue.  And it is kind of scary to watch what is going on in Mexico!  We have no real "border control" and it is pretty bad when you see how many millions "leak" over the southern border each year.  What happens if Mexico fails, the drug dealers take over and the citizens go where?  Here!  I do not fault them for wanting a better life.  I do not say, turn them all way.... but at what cost do we protect our border, our country from the evil drug dealers who want to do nothing but harm and kill innocent people? 

Kids grow up so fast and then have to learn life lessons. I remember when Claire thought that everything was truth.  No matter what you said, if you said it in the right way, she would believe anything. She has always had a kind heart and been a little "young" when it comes to life lessons.
 Yesterday she was having an issue with a friend and was discussing it with us.  She kept saying, "i don't get it... she's so nice, but she lies all of the time!"  How do you explain to a child that most people are bad.  They just are.  Almost everyone lies, and stretches the truth to make themselves look good.  And it is a hard lesson to learn. It is hard to see your friends who you think are the best ever, as people who are not honest.  I do everything in my power to never lie to anyone, for any reason.  There is very rare of an occasion to flat out lie to someone.  Bend the truth to get out of a dinner party you do not want to attend?  I've done it, we've all done that.  But flat out lie to someone about something silly, for me it has no purpose in life.  If you can not be yourself, if you can not be honest about everything, then there is something wrong with you and you should seek professional help.

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