Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, i can't see myself pulling a "Michael Jackson" and wearing a surgical mask around everywhere.  But i sometimes wonder how people go through life being so disgusting.  I am not an extremist germaphobe, but i do wash my hands before i eat.  If someone is sick, i would prefer to not sit around chatting with them.  Stay home, feel better.... call me when you aren't coughing all over my food/drink.  ;-)  I have had a sick child for almost a month now, she just wants to hang all over me and keeps coughing in my face.  I have to let her hang on me because she is my child and i love her... but strangers or even friends, how do you nicely say "take your germs elsewhere"?

Hubby jokinly explained the issue of "spreading the wealth" today during breakfast.
Me: what are you doing?
Michael: I'm squishing the blueberries around so when i take bites it is spread around...
Me: uh, ok...
Michael: you've gotta spread that wealth...
Me: what are we Obama now?
Michael: i'm just trying to explain the oatmeal situation here...
Me: *drops blueberry into his bowl*
Michael: now look what you did...
Me: what?
Michael: you've added another huge blueberry to the mix
Me: *drops a spoonfull of oatmeal into his bowl*
Michael: ya killin' me here.... how's this one big blueberry suppose to pay for all of that extra oatmeal now?  Gotta spread that wealth, but not too much.


stupid stray cat got into our garage... and peeeeeeed, everywhere!  But where? yuck... the house is starting to smell like cat pee.  That's the last time i feel sorry for a stray cat. ugh! i hate the smell of cat pee.

What in the world.... yes, our world.  I'm starting to wonder about people.  Just the ordinary average people. I look around at how people are living their lives. Probably out of my own boredom, but i honestly do care.  For the most part, people are going on about their daily lives while other people are suffering in this down economy and just this spiraling down life-style on our planet.  They are not paying attention to the world around them. It only takes 1 act of kindness to make a difference in another persons life.  What act are you going to do today?

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