Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

We learned about Earth Hour last year, in it's second year of being something to take part in.  We celebrated last year and again this year, it's so much fun!  However, I did not plan ahead and realized that i had packed up or donated away almost all of my candles!  I was able to find some old canning jars, and some tea lights... but it was not enough light.  I recently got some Soy candles from a friend... but i did not want to burn them just yet.  I eventually broke down and ended up burning one of them in the kitchen.  

Next year i plan to do this event again... only we'll be out in California!  I wonder if they have outside events on the beach or overlooking the Golden Gate bridge that we can take part in next year?  That will be fun searching for a new adventure in celebrating Earth Hour next year :o)

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