Friday, March 13, 2009


1. Our outside cat has been "missing" since Monday.  It rained. It stormed. She went somewhere?
2. Amish people appear to always be out when we eat out, we see funny things. Yesterday there was an Amish lady on a cell phone, yelling in the middle of the restaurant, and she was wearing Converse Chuck high top shoes with a dress that only went just below her knee.
3. People who can't take "no" for an answer.  I've said "no" 4 seperate times for the same request this week. I finally just stopped answering the question.
4. When people you want to help totally "blow you off". I really do not like this.
5. I'm learning so much this week.

Me: i don't want to live with my parents, even for just a few weeks before we move.
Michael: it's a pride thing...
Me: yeah, i suppose it is.
Michael: you know what they say about "pride"...
Me: no.  what do they say about pride?
Michael: it's...bad.
Me: *laughing*

it's one of those, you had to be there.  But he had no "saying" for Pride other than "it's bad".

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