Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If I become a Nun...

I'm starting to wonder if i should just become a Nun?  No, seriously.  

Wait, if you are married, can you become a nun?

Let's just say you can.  Maybe with our move out to California i can become a nun. This image seems like good times!  

I like to think of myself as an average person, with lots of random quirks.  I do not eat meat, but i will not tell ANYone to stop eating meat.  It is my choice.  I do not drink a drop of alcohol, but i will not tell ANYone to not drink - ok, i tell my child "drinking is bad! just say no!"  I do not watch porn, read dirty magazines, watch horror movies, watch R rated "sex" movies, or spread dirty jokes around online.  I enjoy funny things, i just do not think that you need a pair of breasts or a couple of strangers emulating having sex in a movie to enjoy the good things in life.

I am starting to become fed up with people acting in negative ways around me and my family.  Over drinking, not funny.  Over saying the "F" word, not funny.  Sending me "sex" photos on Facebook, SO NOT FUNNY!  Sending me messages just "catching up" with me, not to mention that i don't even KNOW you as an adult and telling me about your sex life, not funny.  I will stop there, you get my point.

I should just do it, become a NUN!  Then i can just start tossing religious pamphlets at people who offend me.  Because if i have to see one more person in my life act "dirty" in front of me or me and my child... i'm gonna just stand up and draw a cross (or other religious icon) on a piece of paper and tape it to their shirt and then explain to them how they are going to burn in hell for acting the way that they do.  Go on... i dare you send me something dirty!

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